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Simple Exercise of Choice

On April 17, 2011, in Coaching, Everyday Life, by Blake Alexander Hammerton

Really, it’s that simple.

Before the flood of voices saying, “life isn’t that simple; I can’t do that; Yes, that’s nice, but unrealistic…” come rushing into your mind, take a deep breath and pretend with me.  Imagine a world where your personal happiness was most paramount to your prosperity. Visualize a world in which you are rewarded for waking up happy, helping others, and smiling. Really, let that reality come into your space – we’re pretending, remember?

In this make-believe world, you wouldn’t dare waste your time chasing things that bring you down, would you? Hell no, you’d consciously choose what you want to feel and do because you deserve it, and this life is all about what lights you up. What’s it like to feel that important – that the value of your life is qualified in how good it makes you feel?

Hint: it feels awesome.

Now take a deep breath, and prepare to make a choice. Choose to make this reality your reality from now on. Better yet, make it your reality for the next week. No big deal – it’s just a week, right?  Many of us have been so inundated with the details and negativity of our daily lives, that we’ve lost sight of what it means to make decisions based on what feels good.  I invite you to spend the next 7 days rediscovering the simple formula above.

For the next week, start saying yes to what you want, and no to what you don’t. It’s not as easy as you think… because you think. The trick is to feel what you want to say yes to, and go for it. Each time you feel like saying yes, but you think it will have “too many consequences” you end up saying no to it. What good does that do for you?

Now, I’m not declaring you must all go out and quit your jobs to pursue things that make you happy… but some of you probably should – and hopefully do. See, the simplest answer is usually the correct one. Look above at the formula. Pretty simple, right? Is it correct? Take the next week and try it out – it just might be!

The choice is yours to make, my friends.



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