February 27, 2012

30-30 Challenge: An Update That Matters

Last week I threw out a challenge that came back to me like a wrecking ball. I invited all of you to revisit an old idea you had - maybe one you threw on the "back burner" quite some time ago. I didn't challenge you to bring it to fruition that day, but I opened the door Monday, and challenged you to take some steps to see if it could hold water on Friday.
February 17, 2012

30-30 Challenge: Thirty Days to Thirty Years on Earth

  Holy Mother of God, it’s actually happening. I’m turning 30 in a little over 30 days. I haven’t burned the city down, and I haven’t […]
February 8, 2012

Heart vs Head: Who Has The Upper Hand?

  The other day a friend of mine posted this picture on her Facebook wall, with the followup comment of “story of my life.” It immediately […]