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Getting a Little Personal Today…

On October 3, 2012, in Everyday Life, by Blake Alexander Hammerton


Today I’m sharing a little more of myself to you. I know I’ve been posting positive things, adventures, insights, and business-type stuff I’ve been up to, and it feels like a good time to share more of who I am as a human. When I’m not coaching, speaking, or trying to do one of the two more frequently (read: marketing), I’m writing and playing music.

I have been playing since a car accident gifted me with the ability to hear notes differently. Back in 2000, I was in a terrible collision with a school bus that caused my brain to shut off certain pieces. To compensate (as all brains do), other pieces started firing and growing. I suffered a TBI, or Traumatic Brain Injury – a contusion that essentially “killed” neurons in my brain from the force. Here’s what happened:

I was very good at math, but musically inept. I could enjoy music, but not play it. I was analytical, impatient, rigid and controlling, and even neurotic.

Then I was hit by a bus.

In my recovery a few things have been discovered. I’m still good at simple math, but everything outside of memorized multiplication tables is a foreign language to me. I’m more laid back, patient, understanding, communicative, and adventurous. The biggest gift, however, is that I can now understand music. I can hear notes, progressions, patterns, and harmonies differently than I ever could. The sounds feel like shapes and colors I can see in my head. Strange as it may sound, that’s the best way I can describe it.

So I play and write and enjoy it. The video above is me showcasing a song I wrote for my friends’ wedding in 2007. They wanted a song to remember, and I wrote what came to me. I’ll try to post more videos and songs to my YouTube channel so you all can come and go as you please. For now, enjoy Delaney’s Song.

Peace, Love, and a million successes to you all.




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