Who is Blake?


Known as The Confidence Coach, Blake builds clarity and confidence through inspirational speaking and coaching, taking clients and audiences toward the extraordinary lives they deserve. They discover a life they truly desire by tapping into the energy of what makes them feel most alive – what ignites their Adrenaline of Purpose. Blake is a magnetic speaker, and loves to get groups of people involved in experiential learning with his workshops and interactive presentations. Believing that life is all about experience, he creates opportunities for his clients to live their best lives – with their personal power as a motivator.

Blake’s personal coaching style is a blend of nurturing, intuition, challenge, and telling the hard truth. He calls forth the best (and worst) in his clients to pull them out of their comfort zone and into a place of creation. Through exercises and challenging perspectives, Blake is the shovel that breaks ground on transformational change.

Blake provides a springboard from which audiences can start their journey into the greatest they’ve ever been, and he stands by to support, challenge, praise, and push them every step along the way. After recovering from a life-altering car accident in 2000, Blake began exploring every opportunity to get the most out of life.

In 2009, after his personal coach helped him conquer old beliefs and habits and create new, powerful action plans to reach his extraordinary life, Blake knew he had found home. Blake received coach training through:

  • Coach Training Institute [CTI]
  • Center for Right Relationship [CRR]
  • Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching [ORSC]

Blake is now a sought after keynote speaker – inspiring audiences with his experience, insight, exercises, and storytelling.

“Life is too short to be frustrated with the person you’ve become,” he says. “I love that I get to work with people and their “essence” everyday – it’s always different and exciting to me. I love the gift of watching someone realize how powerful he or she is when they get out of their own way.”

He regularly posts videos to his youtube channel and his facebook page, giving exercises, insights, and inspiration every chance he can.

The hard truth is one specialty he exercises regularly.  The hard truth is more than telling it like it is.  Hard truths are potent pieces of information, and if delivered from a place of love and appreciation, they can be life-changing. Upon reading the blog, you’ll discover inspiration, insights, hard truths, and stories of what it means to be human.

Blake also has a coaching offer to complete his Clarity Guide with you personally.  You can get more details on this offer by sending a message to him on the contact page.