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Jumping Idea Lightbulbs
I like to think this is what it looks like when ideas are filled with purpose and clarity – they’re so motivated and energized that they jump around until it looks like the freeze frame at the end of a bad 1980s movie. Look at these ideas! Do you have ideas like these? What would it feel like to have ideas bursting with clarity and purpose?

Coaches are incredibly powerful agents of change, and act as conduit for support, energy, challenges, and power to come through.  Coaching is different than therapy in that it doesn’t detail the accounts of your childhood to determine what is wrong with you now.  Blake, and his coaches at Applied Happiness Coaching, hold every client as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.  He and his coaches are more interested in what’s right with you.

The purpose of coaching depends on what each individual client is trying to understand or achieve.  Sometimes coaches act as guides and help their clients through transitions like marriage, divorce, job/career, or other life changes.  Other coaches take on the role of mediator in relationships between families, couples, and business systems.  There are hundreds of other reasons and places a coach can be a vital component to success, but ultimately we are all here to help take our clients from one position to another.  We’re here to help our clients become the man, woman, couple, parent, executive, or student they want to be.

Blake and Applied Happiness build a foundation with clients through three main phases:

Wake up to LifeGet Conscious

The first phase is to wake up to life. When you wake up to life, you’re introduced to the bigger game, and conscious, creative decision making. You learn what it’s like to become an active participant in your own life.

Clear picture of DesireGain Clarity

Clarity involves discovering what your belief system looks like, and what you are committed to becoming, achieving, and experiencing. From this place, you can begin to get a clear picture of what you want going forward.

Creative IdeaGo Create

When you’re acting from a place of clarity, purpose and passion, miracles happen. In this phase, you’ll have the tools and resources to create incredible opportunities almost out of thin air.

“The principle goal of education is to create those who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done – those who are creative, inventive  discoverers” ~ Jean Piaget

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