Sometimes an issue is so deep in the subconscious that no amount of coaching, therapy, or support seems to make a difference. Most people reach this point and start weighing their “last resort” options. More often than not, hypnosis is considered after the last resorts don’t work. Why not try it first?

In therapy, coaching, and support groups, you battle against your subconscious to make changes in your life. When you’re in hypnosis, the “managing filter” is temporarily removed and real life changes can be made.  It’s hard to fight an army of 88 with an over-analytical army of 12.

What does that mean?

The subconscious mind controls 88% of your patterns, actions, beliefs, and what you do and do not receive in life.  The other 12% is your conscious, critical mind. It calculates, decides, works through, and attempts to make sense of everything around you.  With only 12% available, the conscious mind often slips into a frazzled state… after a tough or stressful day, lack of sleep, and/or even complete lack of stimulus – you’re so bored you spend the entire drive daydreaming of better days.

A great example of this mismatch of power is the power of smoking.  Have you tried to quit?  How many times? Still smoking?  This struggle is because you’re exercising your will power from the conscious mind.  If your subconscious is still set on “smoker” you’re only going to realize temporary, fleeting success.  Then it’s back to smoking for you.

Through hypnosis your belief structure is gently modified to match what you want.  Do you want to quit smoking? Let’s make you a non-smoker. Do you want to lose weight – I mean, really do it this time, for good?  Let’s watch the pounds drop off.  Afraid to fly?  No problem. The list goes on.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding hypnosis and hypnotherapy these days, unfortunately.  I encourage you to check out the FAQ page to learn a little more about what it really is.  I also invite you to contact me for a FREE consultation. I partner with you as we design your new life together. We always accomplish more when our powers combine.

Life is truly short. What have you been giving up? What would you like to experience for the rest of your days?

Everyone deserves to live a life they love… even you!

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