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There are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  This FAQ will help to dispel some incorrect myths, and answer questions about pricing, duration, results, and what to expect.  If you find you still have a question or comment, please feel free to contact me.

Myth 1 – I have no control when under hypnosis.

The truth is no hypnotist can force another human being to do something they truly do not want to do.  Of course, there are instances of coercion and “brainwashing” as told from prisoners of war and conspiracy theorists, but these do not apply in modern, holistic healing practices.  If, at any time, you feel uncomfortable with the session or suggestions, you will instantly snap out of trance. You have complete control. I am just using my influence to create wakes in the waters of your mind – with your permission.

Myth 2 – Hypnosis is sleep.

Hypnosis is actually a hyper-aware state of consciousness. Your eyes are closed in 90% of clinical hypnosis (eyes close naturally when relaxed anyway), but you can hear, think, feel, smell, taste – everything still works.  In hypnosis you are aware of your surroundings, but your number one focus is my voice, and my suggestions. People can be put into hypnosis in loud settings, provided they can hear my voice.  A great way to think of hypnosis is this:

If a fly lands on your arm when you’re awake, you will most certainly swat it away.  If a fly lands on your arm when you’re asleep, you may naturally swat in that direction in your sleep. If a fly lands on your arm while in hypnosis, you can feel it, your brain tells you it’s a bug of some sort, but you simply don’t care.  You are no danger because I (as the hypnotist) have not told you otherwise. You’re safe, and the bug is on its merry way in no time.

Myth 3 – Hypnosis is a truth serum.

People under hypnosis are capable of lying. Hypnosis asks for the suspension of the critical mind, and invites the imagination to play. Through dynamic imagery, clients are often asked to picture and experience things that aren’t happening.  Under hypnosis, you can lie and edit your responses as much as you like. Your secrets will still be secrets unless you choose to share them.

Myth 4 – I cannot be hypnotized.

The truth is 95% of the population can be hypnotized. Everyone is triggered in their own way.  Some give themselves permission to enter trance much more effortlessly than others, but it does not mean that the others will not enter trance.  It takes a good hypnotist to be able to read his or her clients and determine the most effective and comfortable way to help them enter trance (or hypnosis in general).

Myth 5 – I won’t remember anything.

This is usually incorrect. Unless you do not want to remember the session or suggestions, you will remember everything.  Amnesia sessions are normally reserved for surgical and anesthetic purposes, or severely traumatic experiences.  In every other case, clients remember essentially everything from the hypnosis. An interesting fact: most clients believe consciously that the session did not/will not work, but return amazed with the results. Often, your conscious mind is the last one to know things are happening.

Myth 6 – The hypnotist is in charge. He does it to me.

This is not true. You are completely responsible for your experience. In fact, if you want no part in your hypnosis, you probably do not want to make the changes you’ve come to me for help with.  I use a lot of client-centered elements and design the suggestions and patterns with you. If you do not accept any responsibility in the improvement of your life, I can almost guarantee the sessions will not be very effective.

How much do the sessions cost?

Each session is $125.00.  Extended coaching and hypnosis sessions may be reduced slightly.

How long is each session?

A typical session is around an hour. Some may last a little longer, but never more than 90 minutes.  Of this time, clients are typically under hypnosis  no longer than 30 minutes.

Why do some programs take longer than others?

The different lengths of programs depends on the issue we’re working on. Smoking, for example, typically only requires 2-3 sessions, but can be complete in a single session in some cases, while The Best You program is six sessions because it is more involved than simply changing a habit. Smoking cessation changes (removes) a habit, and other programs create new habits, sensations, and associations.

What can I expect from hypnosis and coaching?

You can expect to feel relaxed, in control, and comfortable with your place in the world.  You can expect to be heard, and an integral player in the game of your life – maybe for the first time you can remember. Results vary, but change is essentially inevitable and permanent.  When we work together, we make powerful, permanent, positive changes in your life.

Have I missed something here?  Please send a message my way, and I’ll answer any and all questions.

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