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Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is an often requested hypnosis session. Air travel is such a convenience these days, unless you’re afraid to fly – then it becomes a frightening burden you have to battle every moment in your travels. Do you opt out of vacations because you can’t fly and don’t want to commit to driving all those miles?  Have you forgone visits to family members in other parts of the country or world? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel completely comfortable and excited about your destination, instead of worrying, obsessing, and clutching the seat with every ounce of your strength.

Hypnosis can definitely help you overcome your fear of flying.

The biggest truth to fears and phobias is this: If you have the imagination to create things that scare you, you have the imagination to create ways to overcome those fears.

Somewhere in your past, you may have created this fear through your involvement in a traumatic event, watching something that frightened you, or hearing stories from other people and adopting their fear. Many times the fear of flying is a runaway imagination picturing the worst case scenario in vivid detail. Maybe you imagine the plane crashing, or that the safety features aren’t properly installed.

Through hypnosis, I will use that vivid imagination of yours to create associations and pictures that bring you relief from that fear.  Many clients report they actually enjoy flying after our sessions! Imagine feeling relaxed and content in your seat, excitedly thinking about the adventures you’ll have when you reach your destination, completely unaffected by any turbulence. This is within reach, no matter how strong you feel your fear is.

We will work together to reframe your perception of flying, remove and relearn your triggers, and give you the peace you’ve been looking for when you travel.

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