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Public Speaking

According to the Wall Street Journal, Public Speaking is the number one fear, with death running a close second. People with this fear actually associate speaking with death. This death is regarded as an emotional death. We feel naked, exposed, vulnerable, and perceive everyone as hyper-aware of us – they’re going to scrutinize our every move.  We simply cannot face the possibility of rejection and judgment.

There are two types of speakers. Those who get nervous, and those who are liars.” ~ Mark Twain

Imagine being comfortable in front of people. Totally relaxed and focused when presenting to your staff, customers, or others. That’s what we work to do – replace all that anxiety with relaxed, confident focus.

Many people with this fear are silently – and often unknowingly – reliving a traumatic memory in which they were judged or critiqued by others.  This memory keeps them operating with the dread of a repeat performance looming over their head. The voice in their head is so critical of their actions and words that the ability to stand in front of a group of people is nearly impossible.

Hypnosis allows that critical voice to be removed. We work together to create the emotions and triggers you choose to experience instead of those that make you feel paralyzed with fear. Using some key suggestions and dynamic imagery, your fear will be a thing of the past. Imagine being completely relaxed and “at home” when you’re asked to present. Imagine no longer feeling like your legs are going to give out in front of everyone. Sounds pretty good, right?

A typical public speaking endeavor takes approximately 4-6 sessions.

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