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Stop Smoking

Time for a quick reality check. How many times have you decided to quit smoking?  How many different methods have you tried? Patch? Gum? Electronic cigarettes? How much money have you spent to quit, only to smoke again?  It’s exhausting!  What would it feel like to quit for good? To no longer have any draw to smoking?

What about quitting without gaining weight?  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Absolutely! And that’s exactly what will happen through hypnosis. You’ll shed the skin of your former “smoker” self, and emerge a non-smoker without the worry of associated weight gain. Think of the benefits of only 2-3 sessions changing your life and health forever.

People often report that they simply forget about cigarettes altogether. They don’t feel any emotional urges when they’re around smokers anymore either. It’s like being granted a wish to start over with your health.

“It can’t be that easy…”

I hear this all the time.  The truth is that it only seems easy because you’ve probably been doing it the hard way for a while now. When you make the conscious decision to quit smoking, you may still be fighting against your subconscious belief that you are a smoker.  Unfortunately, the critical mind needs a lot of sustainable evidence and affirmations to begin convincing the subconscious to change.

Through hypnosis, the belief structure underneath it all is modified.  Hypnosis helps to make your core beliefs match your conscious declarations. Typically, complete smoking cessation requires only 2-3 sessions.

Think of all the experiences you’ve given up because you smoke. Think of the all the times you had to smoke outside in the cold. Take a look at how much you’ve spent on cigarettes overall.  Could that amount have bought you a vacation? A new car? A new house?  Would you like to take the power back, and put the smokes down forever?

Imagine waking up to your new life as a non-smoker. Your clothes and towels smell so fresh, you can’t help but take a deep breath and enjoy the clean air around you. Your body feels strong and ready again. Food tastes like it never has before – rich and satisfying! Your family and friends are proud of you for quitting, and some even envy you for your strength. You’re healthy, happy, and it feels amazing to breathe in fresh air! Oh, and you’ve got more money in your pocket since you stopped smoking!

Stop spending money on a losing battle. Let’s take it to a new level together, and help you become a non-smoker today.

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