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The Best You

Truly remarkable is the magic of hypnosis and hypnotherapy when it is used to create the best you. When you consciously choose to overcome a fear, or risk it all for what you love, you still have to overcome the subconscious belief structure that wants you to stay safe, familiar, or un-achieving.  Your subconscious already has a pretty complete file on what you do and do not do, how you think, what you’re afraid of, and what you want.  When you consciously change your mind about something, you have to continue to push through so it changes the records in your “file.”

The Adrenaline of Purpose ® is the secret to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. To live on purpose is quite simply the most powerful commitment you can make with yourself. It brings about such clarity and passion, that nothing is impossible. I have articles on other blogs about the importance of discovering your life purpose – including one on the blog here. When you wake up with the adrenaline of purpose coursing through your veins, you tap into a completely different source of power – a source that is limitless, and ready to take you through any and every challenge.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and many others talk about creating a money-mindset and focusing on the things you want in life.  This exercises your role in the Law of Attraction. In all the materials available on the subject, it is repeated many times over that the belief system changes you want will take time. You have to continually repeat statements and affirmations to yourself before your subconscious decides to give it a try.  Hypnosis and coaching take out the waiting, working, and reminding steps.

The magic of hypnosis and coaching is that we get a chance to tailor the life, belief structure, goals, and motivation you desire, and then feed those messages directly to your subconscious. Imagine daydreaming about the life you want and waking up to it.  There’s no limit to the things you can do. The only limit is your own perception of the things in your way. What kind of life could you lead if nothing was ever in your way?

The Adrenaline of Purpose ® program is approximately 8 sessions. These sessions focus a lot on creating, planning, and building the life and characteristics you truly want.  This is a LOT of fun, and intensely motivating. It feels like you’re building another you and soon you’ll be taking over his/her life.

So start thinking, my friends. What life do you truly want?  Who would like to be? What does your ideal life look like?  Where are you? What does it taste like? Is it sweet and savory or zesty and full of spice? You can design any life you want – it’s yours to do so!

What are your biggest challenges to living that life now?  What’s in your way? What would it feel like to move past – or move through – those blocks and step into the you you desire?

If you only live once, shouldn’t it be awesome?

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