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Weight Loss

Stop obsessing. Stop struggling. Stop worrying.

Start losing. Start living. Start relaxing.

There are a million reasons to want to lose weight. Each individual has his or her own motivations for wanting to get in shape, and there really isn’t a “one size fits all” way of addressing this issue – pun intended.  Maybe you simply want to curb your late night cravings, or cut back on sweets.  Perhaps you need real motivation to get physical, and get into shape.  Maybe you like what you’re eating, but you would like help adjusting the point you feel full. We can do that together.

Countless people have turned to hypnosis to take weight off – and keep it off.  Have you ever been on a diet and lost weight, all the while thinking, “I can’t wait to eat regular food. I’m not a rabbit. I don’t like salads all that much!”? Changing the belief structure about food can change everything.

When the subconscious accepts the idea that you’re satisfied with less and enjoy making healthy choices, your body will change (shrink), and you’ll be excited to see results week after week.  Hypnosis will help alleviate the struggle and the stress that goes along with trying to shed unwanted pounds.

A typical weight-loss program consists of 8 sessions.  The emotional triggers and maps are discovered, challenged, and relearned in this program, and depending on the depth of the trigger, this can take longer to relearn. This is the real deal. It’s more that a diet; more than a book; more than the advice of a daytime talk show host. This is real, permanent, life-changing weight loss.

Together, we will focus on the four cornerstones of weight control: boredom, loneliness, stress, and rewarding yourself. You will succeed when you have a crystal clear picture of what your personal success looks like.

Imagine being healthy enough to take your kids or grandkids on “adventures” without feeling out of shape! Imagine putting on that little black number and knocking his socks off! Imagine the best looking you, you’ve ever laid eyes on!

Honestly, this is an incredibly liberating experience. We have fun together dreaming of the body you want, and through hypnosis the changes start to take place.

You have the right to be whatever size you dream. If you want to change your current size, let’s do this!

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