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From time to time, a speaker or performer reaches an audience with such authenticity and passion that it can feel almost magical. All great speakers connect to their audience, but the truly incredible connect with their audience – taking a journey together.

The journey the audience takes with Blake is inspiring, motivating, challenging, and hilarious.  Humor is believed to be the best medicine, and you’re going to get more than your share of it when he presents!

He began his career on stage in college. After enduring a life-changing car accident, he found himself reevaluating the pieces of his life – taking care not to take any experience for granted.  In this new paradigm, he started telling his story to audiences that would hear him.

After studying psychology and neurophysiology at Western Illinois University, he returned to Chicago and moved into sales. Writing between 3 and 4 million dollars in sales each year, he honed his presentation and closing skills enough to present them to trainees and new employees. After leaving corporate America in mid 2010, Blake started speaking at community centers, colleges, and business events for entrepreneurs.

What Happens When Blake Speaks?

People laugh, learn, think, laugh, grow, enjoy, laugh, and tell their friends about it.  He brings his integrity, inspiration, understanding, passion, and purpose to every talk. He works with companies and groups that are looking for the fire they once had to return. He challenges his audiences to discover their own personal mission statements, and the purpose of their journey – both inside and away from the company or group to which they belong.

What People Are Saying…

“Blake is absolutely amazing! The most inspirational person I’ve ever met. Everytime I am upset, he has this way of showing me that everything is okay and I’ll be just fine. He is a ROCK-STAR.” – Samantha M.

“Blake has a strength and confidence about him that few possess. He is an inspiration to anyone that wants to reach their impossible dreams because he believes in their spirit so truly.” – Debbie H.

“Blake believes in the power of coaching. He sees possibilities in everyone around him. He’s loyal and operates from a place of integrity. He’s committed to his own growth and the growth of his clients through it all.” – Marsha Marsh, CPCC

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